2024 Vendors will be added soon!

Interested in becoming a vendor at the Pontotoc Farmers Market?

At the Pontotoc Farmers Market, our aim is to create a local food infrastructure for long-term sustainability and meaningful community impact.  Every vendor within our market community is thoughtfully chosen as we aim to select a diverse group of vendors to provide our customers with access to high quality locally produced food and handmade goods.

For vendors who commit to a full season (market season or particular growing season), the Pontotoc Farmers Market will, among other things:

  • Promote your business and products weekly on our social media platforms.

  • Promote your products through our weekly newsletter and in print, radio and tv ads.

  • Provide the infrastructure to accept SNAP/EBT, USDA Senior Vouchers, WIC vouchers and grant voucher programs at no cost, expanding your customer base and income.

  • Provide an online marketplace, driving midweek and off-season sales.

If you’re interested in becoming a vendor, please review our Vendor Guidelines, then complete the online Vendor Application.  Want to talk in person?  Please call the market manager at 662-760-6703.

Accepted Products

  • Vegetables and fruits grown by the seller or through an approved cooperative agreement from seeds, seedlings, or sets
  • Fruits, berries, or nuts grown on trees, bushes, or vines on the seller’s farm or through an approved cooperative agreement
  • Eggs produced by the seller’s poultry
  • Honey produced by the seller’s bees
  • Foraging is an acceptable practice. Foraged products must be approved by the market manager prior to sale
  • Fresh baked goods and prepared food items must be made from scratch by the seller, preferably using ingredients sourced from local, MS Hill Country farms
  • Preserved foods (canned, dried, or frozen), preferably using ingredients sourced from local, MS Hill Country farms
  • Potted plants or live plant starts grown by the seller from seed, seedling, or transplant
  • Fresh cut flowers grown on the seller’s farm
  • Meat products produced from animals raised on the seller’s farm or harvested with proper hunting permits and processing licenses
  • Fish products humanely raised or caught with proper fishing licenses
  • Dairy products from animals raised on the seller’s farm
  • Pet food and treats made from scratch by the seller
  • Bath and body products that incorporate regional and sustainable ingredients
  • Handmade arts, crafts and manufactured products usable on the farm, in the garden or in food preparation, preferably using sustainably sourced or local materials
  • Farm animals humanely raised

Products we do not accept

  • Overly processed or fried foods (homemade fried pies are accepted)
  • Carnival-like foods that do not utilize some local or regional ingredients: (i.e. cotton candy, kettle corn, freeze dried candy, toffee, and taffy).  Exceptions are made for special events.  Ice cream with locally sourced ingredients is acceptable.
  • Beverages not produced by the seller (i.e. soda, bottled water, energy drinks, loaded teas).  Drinks served by food trucks are acceptable.
  • Meat and dairy products treated with growth hormones or general use antibiotics
  • Products from franchised businesses

Additional Farmer Requirements

  • If selling processed chicken, pork or beef, animals must be processed and accurately labeled in an approved facility.  Must transport and sell from a refrigerated unit.
  • NPIP permit, if selling live poultry or eggs.  Eggs must transported with refrigeration
  • Dairy Manufacturer’s License, if selling dairy or cheese

Additional Requirements for Non-Agricultural Goods

  • Food product labels meeting Cottage Food regulations
  • Product photos for arts, crafts and manufactured goods
  • Prepared foods containing meat must be prepared out of a certified, inspected kitchen

Vendor Selection

Pontotoc Farmers Market is committed to transparency within our vendor community. You can learn more about Pontotoc Farmers Market’s acceptance criteria in the Vendor Acceptance Rubric, which will be available soon on this website.

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